Tasty Homemade Potato Chips Recipe

Recipe to Make Tasty Potato Chips or Wafers at Home

Tasty Homemade Potato Chips Recipe
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Every one loves to eat potato wafers. Here is the tested recipe for homemade potato chips. Once you try this, you would stop buying it from outside. Have a look at how to make tasty potato wafers at home

I don’t know a single person who does not love Potato chips (If we keep the calories aside). It is a very thin slice of potato which is usually fried and mixed with salt / masala. My kids love this snack, though I keep a control on it, but still I used to purchase the family pack after every 3-4 days.

Just last month, one of my friend who owns a farm and grows her own organic vegetables, gave me a bag full of brown potatoes. Like every one of us, I refused to take so much of these starch-filled vegetables but then my friend suggested making potato wafers / chips out of it which of course I can keep for the next few months. I liked the idea.

Viola! The next day, I called up my mom to ask the recipe ( my favourite reference for traditional recipes ), and she gave me two recipes. I tried it and both types of chips came out really well.

So, I thought of sharing with you.

The first type of chips is when you slice them and immediately fry them. They taste really good and the shelf life is at the most 1 week depending how humid your area is.

The other type is when you completely dry the chips and store them nicely in an air-tight box. You can fry them whenever you need them. The dry chips can be kept for almost a year if they have been dried properly.

The initial steps are same for both the potato chips recipes. 


  • 1 kgs of Potatoes (Mid-size/Big-size) 
  • Salt 2 big spoons 
  • Oil to fry 2 cups 
  • Lot of water (to wash the potato slices)

Steps to Prepare Potato Chips at Home:

  1. Wash the potatoes really well.
  2. Peel off the skin nicely.
  3. Fill up a big vessel with plain water and make sure that you put peeled potatoes in the water all the time. This is really important to avoid blackening of the potatoes.
  4. Now, get a potato slicer which is easily available in an Indian market. I use a hand slicer but you can get an electric one as well.
  5. Once you start making the potato slices, keep them in water and make sure once the water is white due to starch content, change it.

Immediately Fried Potato Chips Recipe

So far, steps for the first type when you immediately fry them.

  1. You already have the slices, put a wok on the heat and add oil to fry.
  2. By the time oil gets heat up, take out the slices from the water and dry them a little bit.
  3. Put a small batch of potato chips in the wok and fry them nicely. Keep turning them up and down to get nice frying. Once, they are golden brown, take them out on a paper towel. Mix little salt.
  4. Once they are cold, you can store them in an-airtight container for few days.

Another Way of Making Potato Chips at Home

  1. You have the slices ready, now keep a wok on heat full of water, and add some salt in it.
  2. Once, it reaches boiling point, start adding small batches of the slices. Take them out on a strainer after 30 to 60 seconds. Finish all the slices like this and make sure to keep adding salt after every 4-5 batches.
  3. Now, comes the drying part. If you are lucky and get lot of sunshine in your house, spread them on a sheet under the sun. Or just spread them under fan so that it can get dry properly. You may have to flip them occasionally and do it for 2-4 days until they get dry properly.
  4. The size of the potato chips would shrink to half. Store them in an air tight container and whenever you feel like eating, just heat up the oil and fry them.

These potato chips are good as a snack or go very well with a meal. Instead of frying, you can try the baking method also. Try out today at home, you and your kids would love them.

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