In Depth Meaning of Comfort Food and Understanding

Me and Comfort Food

Comfort food has more deep meaning that a few line of definition cannot defined, I have tried to explore the true meaning of comfort food.

Several years ago while reading news paper I came across the term "Comfort food" and that article was about a completely different subject. I still remember the base topic of that article but I am not able to recall the whole matter, The article was about managing homesickness. Leaving that article aside, I got really curious to know the meaning of the phrase Comfort Food because the article suggested comfort food as one of the remedy for homesickness and stress. I asked to many if they know the meaning of the phrase comfort food but non of their answers were satisfying enough for my curiosity. I also search the internet with hoping to get a good explanation about it but there were no explanations, I was only able to see the wordily meanings which was not enough for me. I wanted to something more meaningful explanation to understand comfort food well.

                  From that time to till now I have tried to collect information to understand comfort food and it's meaning.

I want to sum up everything here what I learnt  about comfort food. Mostly it is said to be that comfort food is what is cooked in home in a traditional way with traditional ingredients and spices but comfort food is not just traditionally home cooked food it's more than just that. Comfort foods are actually the foods that are close to your heart and makes you feel good when you eat them. Those foods that remind you of your home and reminds you memories that makes you feel connected to where your heart belongs. Comfort food is not limited to home food or traditional food but a comfort food can be anything that makes you happy and comfortable. Comfort food does not have any specific list of foods, for many chocolate can be a comfort food and for some ice cream and for some soups. A kind of food that not only fills your stomach but also fills your heart and satisfies emotional hunger too. Comfort food can be different for every person and one can have many comfort food, there is no limit how many and how different type of foods can be a comfort food for anyone. The reason for a food to be a comfort food is the memory and sentiments attached to that food.

                      I also have so many comfort food and it's not actually possible for me to pick one but I would love to share some of them and the reasons why I consider them as my comfort food. One is raw green mango with salt and red pepper, raw mangoes are connected to my summer vacation memories and pickle making memories with mommy. Whenever she used to make raw mango pickle I always had my share of raw mangoes with salt and red pepper while I watch her preparing all the spices and adding, mixing them to make mango pickle. My another comfort food is samose with curd because mommy always makes them for me whenever I demand and she specially make it on my birthdays. Boiled water chestnut are also one of my comfort food because there are many childhood memories connected to it. If I continue further listing of my favorite comfort foods I will surely start craving for them so would like to end this here.

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