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Flavor Your Recipes with Herbs

Use Herbs for Flavor

Flavor Your Recipes with Herbs
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Herbs add fresh flavor and nutrients to your recipes. Experiment and add them to your favorite foods. If you have a sunny deck or window you can grow your own.

Herbs and spices add fresh flavor and nutrients to your prepared food. If you have a large window that lets in a lot of sum, you can grow your own herbs and ensure that you will always have fresh herbs at your finger tips. Use herbs liberally and experiment with different kinds of herbs and combinations. Basil and oregano are two of the easiest herbs to grow in your sunny window and you will find all kinds of fresh and dried herbs in your grocery store. Dried herbs are stronger than fresh herbs but are still delicious for extra flavor. Try using a little less of dried herbs until you’re sure the flavor isn’t too strong for your taste.

After cutting your fresh herbs store upright in a glass half full of water in the refrigerator. They will remain good and fresh for days.

I grow herbs on my deck and only pick a few leaves when I need them during early summer. But when the plant has begun to shrink I cut the stems with leaves and place those in a glass of water in the refrigerator. They will stay fresh a week or more. When the herb leaves begin to dry up I cut the leaves off the plant and lay them on a clean towel to dry. When they are dry I seal them in small glass jars to use throughout the winter.

Now a tip for your green salads, when you bring lettuce home from the grocery store, prepare it for use immediately. Wash and dry in a salad spinner. If you have no salad spinner, rinse it well under the faucet then dry with paper towels. Store it in a plastic bag wrapped in dry paper towels. This will keep your lettuce fresh until you are ready to make your green salad. Prepare your salad by breaking the lettuce in bite size pieces and add tomatoes, onions, cucumber or any vegetables of your choice. You can make your own salad dressing or buy it in the grocery store. At this time my favorite salad dressing is Italian. I also like blue cheese and other salad dressings.

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Herbs are basically different from spices as herbs are the green leafy part of the plant whereas spices can be grown at other parts of the plant other than those leafy parts such as seeds, stem, and roots. Generally, herbs are used for adding flavor to food having a pleasant aroma and have medicinal properties.

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A vegetable salad with lettuce is not that popular in our place. However, I started liking it when a foreign friend introduced to me. Perhaps, one of the ways why the vegetable looks fresh and appealing in the bowl is because of your tip revealed in this article. Thank you for sharing.


Nice tips!! I will try the one that you suggested to keep them fresh for longer time. I love herbs and grow a few common ones in my terrace garden. I use the fresh supply liberally in my cooking


I love herbs always and your post helped me a lot. I will surely try the ways you told to keep the herbs fresh for more days specially during the summer time. Thank you for the information.


I tried it so the results were great and the food tastes really good really I loved your tips and they must be followed by all


I love fresh herbs in dishes during the summer, one of the joys of the warmer months when you can watch them grow and enjoy their scent. Delicious!


Thanks for your comment. I like using herbs in my cooking, it makes good food even more delicious.


I love herbs in my food because of the nutrients and flavor they give this is why I keep herbs in my garden. I want organically grown herbs only.