Easy Recipe of Fluffy, Plain, Light Sponge Cake with Vanilla Flavour

Quick Fluffy, Light Sponge Cake Recipe at Home

Easy Recipe of Fluffy, Plain, Light Sponge Cake with Vanilla Flavour
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This recipe for sponge cake will make your cake fluffy, light and soft. It is easy to make at home with following instructions. You can make plain sponge cake in any of your favorite flavor, vanilla or chocolate. Here is step by step, easy procedure for making homemade sponge cake:

Fluffy Sponge Cake Recipe

Baking a cake is not an easy task for some people. Many get intimidated by the mess it makes and technicalities it require. Just in case you want to surprise your special one with a simple yummy cake made at home which is moist, light, fluffy and spongy in nature the following recipes are for you.

Remember, homemade is always the best and a homemade cake is a wholesome goodness. Here is how to make easy chocolate cake recipe at home for your kids.

Moist Milk Sponge Cake at Home


4 large eggs

120 gm powdered sugar

100 gm cake flour

50 ml Milk

30 gm Butter

Vanilla oil

Cooking Instructions for Light Sponge Cake

  1. Take eggs whites in a bowl and whip them with a hand blender.
  2. When the egg whites are whipped evenly add half quantity of powdered sugar and whip for some more time.
  3. At one time the whipped mixture will be very fluffy, at this moment add the rest quantity of sugar.
  4. Continue whipping till everything in a bowl becomes smooth and looks shiny.
  5. Lift the mixture with blender, if a stiff peak is formed, consider it done.
  6. In a separate bowl, add egg yolks to the butter and mix well. Keep it mixing till the time egg yolk evenly merge into butter.
  7. Add vanilla oil to egg yolk – butter mixture.
  8. In the batter prepared above at step 5, add cake flour. Sift it using rubber spatula.

    The best method to sift is to mix from bottom in a cut and fold fashion. To make it easy hold the bowl with one hand while you mix it. Avoid doing anything like beating or kneading the batter.
  9. Take a heatproof bowl and pour butter and milk in it. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and heat in a microwave for exactly 1 minute.
  10. Till the time milk cool down, keep mixing it so that butter properly dissolves into it.
  11. Pour this milk mixture to batter prepared at step 8. This is to be done very slowly, if you add the mixture at once the whole thing will go downward and settle there.  Again mix the whole thing in cut and fold motion. You can again hold the bowl by one hand to make it a comfortable task for you.
  12. Pour the batter in a lined mold.
  13. To avoid any air pockets in the cake batter, drop the already filled cake pan some 4 to 5 times to a height. This will also helps in achieving the surface smooth.
  14. Preheat the oven at 170 degrees C.
  15. Bake the cake for 30 minutes in preheated oven.
  16. Check the cake with toothpick test. It should come out clean.
  17. Quickly just as you take the cake out of oven , drop cake pan from a height of 20 cm, so as to prevent it from shrinking.
  18. Take a properly wrung out a bit moistened kitchen towel and place it on the surface. Place the baked pan over it. Take out the sponge cake out from the cake pan, flip it and remove the paper from the sides.
  19. Cover the flipped cake back with the cake pan and let it be there for 2 to 3 minutes. This is required to make the cake surface flat and evenly moisturize the cake.
  20. Flip the cake again and let it cool on the cake rack. Cover it by the wrung-moistured kitchen towel.
  21. When the cake is cool, slice and serves as you like. You can decorate it too.


  1. It is recommended to use large eggs for the cake.
  2. Keep eggs in refrigerator till the time they are required for the preparation.
  3. You may wish to use margarine instead of butter.
  4. To whip eggs in a bowl, use a clean bowl with no moisture (water or oil), otherwise they won’t whip properly.
  5. While preparing the batter, the one at the bottom doesn’t rise well. So at step 12 consider pouring the bottom batter at the circumference of the mold. By this way it will cook faster.

This step by step recipe for cake will make your sponge cake fluffy, light and yummy. Do try at home, your loved ones will surely like it.  

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