An Indian Single Malt Whiskey by Amrut that Rivals the best

A single malt whiskey to savor.

An Indian Single Malt Whiskey by Amrut that Rivals the best
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Indian made foreign liquor has caught up and the best of scotch the single malt whiskey is now manufactured in India

A whiskey is a refined form of alcohol. It has many layers of class but the classiest of the lot is single malt. What is single malt?  It is a whiskey that is first distilled and is the purest form of alcohol. It is supposed to have a special taste and connoisseurs who have savored a single malt whiskey will look for nothing further than this.

Single malt whiskey is normally the preserve of Scotland and some famous names like Glenlivet, Glen Morangie, and Glen Grant come to mind. Single malt was not made in India tough IMFL( Indian made foreign liquor) is manufactured with some good brands like Peter Scott, Antiquity and Indian made lower end scotch being the fare.

There has been a change and an Indian single malt has been marketed. I first saw a bottle in a wine shop in Abu Dhabi and the shop owner told me to try it, as it was good whiskey.

It is manufactured by Amrut distilleries of Bangalore and is the priciest Indian brand. Titled "Amrut Fusion" the whiskey is certainly a rival to single malt brands from Scotland. Not many in India have as yet savored the brand as it was first exported. Now, this brand is available and the top end bars and shops will stock it. This brand is also available at the elite "rays bar" in Abu Dhabi and many foreigners have liked the taste of the whiskey, which is mild and does not rush to the head. Its a whiskey to be savored in good company preferably with a young woman.

However, one thing going against the brand is that production is very less and that can be a bit of a dampener. The whiskey is now also introduced in the defense canteen service and soldiers have liked the taste. Maybe it does not match Glenmorangie but I would place it a close second. 

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