Top 10 Delicious Items for Indian Wedding Day Menu

10 Best Food Items for Indian Wedding Menu

Top 10 Delicious Items for Indian Wedding Day Menu
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Are you confused about your wedding day menu? Then this article is just tailor-made for you. Here you will find top 10 food items that will be loved by everyone and make your wedding even more enjoyable.

Everyone in India is ever ready to have a visit to a wedding and there is one common reason for everyone!! Yes, you guessed it right, its delicious Indian food. An Indian wedding is not complete without having sumptuous food.

So, if you haven’t decided your wedding day menu yet. We have some great ideas for you on our top 10 list of delicious food items for a grand Indian wedding.

Let’s start with some soup..!

1. Sweet corn soup

This Indo – Chinese soup can act as a perfect starter dish for a good meal. This soup is creamy, light to the stomach and healthy as well.

2. Kashmiri pulao

As this is going to be the first item on your guest’s platter, how about some rich Kashmiri pulao.

With tangy flavors of saffron and spices, this dish has an awesome aroma that your guest will fall in love with. This dish is also loaded with dry food and nuts as well, which makes it quite a healthy option as well.

3. Red sauce pasta

After having some Chinese and Kashmiri flavors, let move on to some Italian cuisine. Red sauce pasta is classic Italian dish which is loved by everyone due to its unique flavors of tomato and tangy garlic. This dish is especially loved by kids!

4. Daal Makhani

Now, the most famous dish of every Indian restaurant, the grand creamy daal makhani. This Punjabi dish is loved by almost everyone, can be served with almost everything be it naan, paratha or even plain rice.

5. Stuffed Bhindi

As the name suggests, crispy and masala filled bhindi going to give your guests a mouthwatering experience. Bhindi or lady finger is not usually considered for wedding day menu, So having it on the platter will give your menu a unique touch.

6. Masala Dosa

This south Indian crepe made from healthy ingredients like rice and dal adds additional variety and taste to your menu. However, preparation of dosa varies from city to city in India but one thing is for sure that it is loved in each and every part of India. So, don’t worry about your city just let your guests have the taste of this super famous south Indian dish. 

7. Papdi chat

What is not to like about an awesome crispy papdi chaat to combine with your crispy wedding!

8. Fruit salad

Some of your guests could be too health conscious. Well, we got them covered with healthy yet tasty fruit salad. Consider trying fruit pudding salad (which includes vanilla pudding mixed with conventional fruit salad), we are sure that your guests will like it, whether they are health conscious or not.

9. Gulab Jamun

Easily the most famous and loved dessert not only in India but the whole south-east asia loves Gulab jamun. It’s a classic dish which is near must to have in every Indian wedding. Don’t forget to get gulab jamun garnished with almonds and other nuts for taste enhancement.

10. Chocolate Paan

Now, it’s the time to wind up our list with the last but certainly not the least item on our list. The super tasty coated with a blend of dark and milk chocolate paan will be a perfect ending to the wedding day meal for the guests. This modern variant of traditional paan is getting more and more famous these days and will also add uniqueness to your wedding day menu.

So, here's our list of top 10 delicious item for Indian wedding day menu. Of course, you can do some alteration according to your choice and taste to make your wedding grand and a memorable one. 

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