Recipe for Healthier Version of Aloo Tikki Chaat

Recipe for Healthier Version of Traditional Indian Street Food - Aloo Tikki Chaat

Recipe for Healthier Version of Aloo Tikki Chaat
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I am sharing a “healthy” aloo tikki chaat recipe today. Now the question is how a street food recipe of potato patties can be healthy! I am here to make this happen with my simple and tasty recipe of aloo tikki chaat.

         We all Indians love spicy Indian street food and there are many special treats are there in the list but aloo tikki chaat has its own special place. I personally like all type of Indian street food but I make most of them by myself because of two major reason, one is I am not sure about the hygiene levels of the local street food vendors and second thing is I am not so ignorant about the health and I want to stay healthy. When you make any of the recipes you can keep a close look at the ingredients and the portion of food and hygiene, so it’s best to make it a habit to try to prepare all those dishes you like at home instead of going to food joints or local vendors. Occasionally eating out is not going to affect the health.

            Getting back to the recipes! The answer to how we can make aloo tikki chaat healthy is, use of dried yellow peas or dried green peas with potato patties to make this chaat will help us to make it healthier. Dried peas are very good for health; they contain molybdenum, dietary fibbers, manganese, copper, protein, foliate, vitamin B1, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, and potassium and they are love in calories. Dried peas are easily available general market and grocery stores; you can get a packet of dried yellow or green peas from any local grocery store.

We know potatoes are starchy and high in carbohydrates, plus this recipe requires the potato patties to be shallow fried with oil and that is not very healthy but use of non-stick pan easily reduces the use of oil and air fryer can also be used.

            This recipe is not completely healthy but is a healthier version of traditional aloo tikki chaat. To make this recipe, prepare a list of all ingredients and gather them all at one place, so you don’t miss any flavours in aloo tikki chaat.



This will make for 4 servings of aloo tikki chaat.


Ingredients for making aloo tikki or potato patties:

Potatoes – 4 medium sized,

Red chilli powder – 1 teaspoon,

Roasted cumin seed powder – 3 teaspoon,

Salt – 2 teaspoon,


Ingredients for making dried yellow peas chaat base:

Dried yellow peas – 200 grams,

Cumin seeds – 1 teaspoon,

Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon,

Garam masala – 1 teaspoon,

Corn starch – 1 teaspoon (Optional)

Coriander powder – 2 teaspoon,

Garlic clove – 3 crushed,

Salt to taste,


Ingredients for making chaat:

Plain sour curd – 2 cups or 250 grams (whisked),

Chaat masala – for seasoning,

Dry unripe mango powder – for seasoning,

Mint Coriander green chutney – 4 tablespoon,

Finley chopped onion – 1 big,

Green chillies – 2 finley chopped,

Sweet tamarind or chilli tomato sauce – 6 tablespoon,

Indian bhujia sev – 1 cup (A type of Indian fried snack),

Handful of papdi or potato chips (to add crispiness in the chaat),

Handful of fresh coriander leaves (for garnishing),



1. Soak dried yellow peas over night with three cups of water or you can also use steaming hot water to soak peas for 2-3 hours. Once soaked, strain the peas and transfer peas into fresh water.

2. Boil the soaked peas and keep aside, do not strain because the water in which peas are boil will help to make gravy like constancy for chat base.

3. To make the peas chat base, heat oil in a pan and crackle mustard seed and cumin seeds in the pan. Now add the boiled peas along with the water in which they are boiled.

4. Once peas gravy starts bubbling, add crushed garlic clove, coriander powder, garam masala, salt and stir. Check the consistency, if the consistency is too thin add corn starch in moderate amount and add more water if the consistency is too thick. The consistency for chat base should be less thick than the side dish gravy but it should not be watery.

5. To make aloo tikki, boil the peeled potatoes and smoothly mash the boiled potatoes using a masher. Add roasted cumin seed powder, red chilli powder and salt in the mashed potatoes and mix well.

6. Now take small portions of the potato mixture and form a ball like shape and flatten it to give it the shape of round patties.

7. Heat a flat non-stick pan and spray some oil and sallow fry the aloo tikkis till they turn golden and crisp from both the sides, keep truing them with the help of a flat ladle in intervals to check. You can also use air fryer instead of shallow frying aloo tikki.

8. To serve, assemble Chaat base and aloo tikki with the ingredients in the section of “Ingredients for making chaat”.  Firstly take a serving bowl and add chaat base of peas and then add two potato patties, now add chopped onions, Indian bhujia sev, papdi or potato chips, mint and coriander green chutney, curd, sweet tamarind or chilli tomato sauce. Now garnish with green chillies and coriander leaves and season with chaat masala and dried unripe mango powder and salt.


Tips for Vegan:

Replace the plain sour curd with plain soy yogurt.



1. Add salt in two mentioned stages, because adding salt only at the final stage will make pleas chaat base and tikki taste unsavoury and tasteless.

2. Try to make small portions of aloo tikki, so there will be fewer amounts of carbohydrates and sugar in each serving.

3. Its recommended to soak the dried yellow peas overnight with plain fresh water. Use hot water only in case of necessity.

4. You can use small portion of boiled potatoes to thicken the peas chaat base instead of corn starch.


                        Aloo tikki chaat recipe needs a lot of ingredient and require some preparation time but the taste of aloo tikki chaat and that yummiest burst of flavours worth all the pain. Don’t forget to share this recipe with your friends and family if you like it and do try this recipe and experience that taste of famous Indian street food aloo tikki chaat at home. Do drop your suggestions and experience with this recipe at the comments section below.




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