Healthy and Tasty Recipe of Rava / Semolina Uttapam

Rava / Semolina Uttapam Recipe - Tasty and Healthy

Healthy and Tasty Recipe of Rava / Semolina Uttapam
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Today I am going to share easy recipe of rava/suji uttapam. I often make tomato, onion rava/suji uttapam because it’s very easy to make and does not require much preparation time.

               In my family we all enjoy having rava uttapam every now and then because it’s an easy recipe for breakfast and very healthy one to start your day with. I have not tried adding more vegetables to it but I server uttapam with salad mostly, in case I am in rush I serve it with lemon or mango pickle. These uttapams are very filling because they are made using rava/semolina and rice flour.

           Semolina is made up from darum wheat; if you are restricted from consuming gluten then this recipe is not for you. Rava/suji uttapam keep you full for longer and prevents you from over eating because semolina gets digested slowly hence keeps you full for longer. Semolina is good source of iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc which makes it even healthier to add in for one of the best meals of the day “breakfast”. Rice flour is also a part of this recipe along with green chillies, tomatoes and onion, this adds in more vitamin C and carbohydrates and makes it a healthy and easy breakfast or evening snack.

           To serve rava uttapam with salad you can cut the salad in advance when you are chopping tomato and onion for uttapams and store in the refrigerator without adding seasonings.

Add some lemon juice in the salad along with salt and pepper just before serving uttapams, this will make for a perfect tasty meal.



This will make for 6 to 8 uttapams (Depends on the size of uttapams you make).

Semolina/rava/suji – 2 cups,

Rice flour – 2 tablespoonfuls,

Yogurt/Sour Curd – 3 tablespoonfuls,

Water – 3 cups approximately (add according the pancake consistency you like),

Tomato – 1 finley chopped,

Onion – 1 finley chopped,

Green chillies – 3 finley chopped,

Handful of coriander leaves,

Salt to taste (requires up to ¾ tablespoon).


1. Take semolina, rice flour, salt and mix well.

2. Now add curd and mix then slowly add water and keep mixing to avoid any lumps.

3. Let the batter rest for 15 to 30 minutes so that semolina can absorb some moisture. Meanwhile chop green chillies, tomato and onion, if you have not chopped them in advance or cut salad.

4. Add chopped green chillies, coriander leaves, tomato and onion after resting the batter and mix well using a ladle. Taste the batter to insure the salt is fine.

5. Heat a flat non-stick pan and drizzle some oil or use an oil spray.

6. Take a ladle full of batter and evenly spread it in the hot pan with light hands using the back side of ladle. Keep the flame on high and cover with lid.

7. Remove the lid after 20 seconds and drizzle some oil along the sides of uttapam. Once the sides’ tarts to turn golden simmer the flame and carefully flip the uttapam using a flat ladle.

8. Cook from the other side too till it gets some golden patches.

9. Serve hot with fresh salad, chutney or pickle.



1. You can add half of chopped tomatoes, onion and green chillies and add them as topping while cooking rava uttapam.

2 Don’t try to spread uttapams too thin on the pan; it can break because of the onion and tomatoes pieces.

3. If you want to serve with salad, prepare it in advance or use the time of resting uttapam batter to make salad.

4. If you want to infuse the tomato and onion flavours in the batter then add them when preparing the batter then let the batter rest for 30 minutes.

5. Rava uttapams are traditionally consumed with sambhar and coconut chutney in south India, you can consider having it with samabhar and coconut chutney if you like tradition south Indian cuisine.

6. You can skip tomatoes if you want and make separate traditional cooked tomato chutney.



This recipe is not for those who are allergic to gluten. 

                                     You can try rava uttapam with any kind of pickle and chutney. You can also try different variants with the base batter by adding different flavouring agents like beetroot, carrots, green chutney, and spinach puree. Experiment according to your taste and likes, after all we must eat what tempts us more and we must cook what tempt us more to cook. Don’t forget to share this recipe with your friends and family if you liked and drop your suggestions in the comment section.

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