8 Different Recipes of Maggi Noodles

8 Different variants of Maggi Instant Noodles Recipe with a Twist

8 Different Recipes of Maggi Noodles
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In this Article I have tried to list all the maggi noodles recipe I have experimented with and successfully finished the bowl of tasteful maggi. Maggi has been my all time favourite for almost every evening when I did not felt like munching on casual tea and biscuits, cookies or any other snack.

When it comes to trying on different variants of maggi, how many of we can think of! There are actually numerous variants of maggi we all have tried. Remember the “Me & Meri Maggi” tagline? it was all about the variants of maggi we all have made all this years since the launch of maggi noodles. Maggi has been very popular among all kids and even elders in India since Nestle launched it in the year 1984. We can imagine how many different variants of maggi we have tried at our visits to friends and cousins and all those times of quick solution for those evening hunger pangs.

A few months back maggi was banned all over India, many of maggi lovers were sad thinking that they may never be able to get their maggi moments back and many were angry because the amount of MSG and lead was found more than permitted by the Food Safety measurements. Well every packed food is unhealthy in a way, so why we blame them when we enjoy doing this unhealthy sin. Now maggi is back and have also launched new spicy flavours for spice lovers, but this is not the main topic here.

I am now going to list all the maggi variants I have experimented, many of them are quick and easy but few of these variant require some time and preparation. Let’s see how many of them you have tried and which ones make you try them after reading this article.


1 Lemon and Green chilli Maggi

Ingredients: Maggi, 2 cups of water, 1 big green chilli, Lemon juice from half of the lemon.

Method: Heat water in the sauce pan and cook maggi with chopped green chilles and over cook the maggi till the water in the sauce pan gets to a thicker consistency and add the lemon juice, stir well and turn of the flame. Serve hot.


2 Vegetable Fried Maggi

Ingredients: Maggi, 1 & a half cup of water, seasonal vegetables (Carrot, peas, beans, capsicum, potato, onion, tomato etc), 1 tablespoon oil for cooking, salt to taste.

Method: Cut the vegetables as you like, heat oil in a pan and put all the vegetables in the pan, occasionally flip them with ladle. Once vegetables are half done you can prepare maggi the usual way in a sauce pan. Once vegetables are cooked enough, add finley chopped tomatoes, stir the veggies and cover with lid. Once tomatoes turn mushy, add cooked maggi to the veggies and mix well. Now Season with some salt and serve hot.


3 Soupy Maggi

Ingredients: Maggi, 2 & a half cup water, one forth piece of onion (for flavour), vegetables of your choice (Carrot, mushroom, peas, cabbage etc), black pepper, slat to taste.

Method: Put water in a sauce pan and bring it to boil, add all the chopped vegetables and salt. When vegetables start getting cooked, add maggi and taste maker. Add black pepper once maggi is cooked and turn of the flame. Enjoy the soupy maggi hot.


4 Slurpy Tomato Maggi

Ingredients: Maggi, 2 cups of water, 1 tomato, 1 green chilli, half of an onion, coriander leaves, salt to season.

Method: Cut tomato in medium size pieces, finley chop onion and green chilli. Bring water to boil, once water starts boiling; add tomato, onion and green chilli, maggi and taste maker. Cook until maggi gets soft and mushy, then add chopped coriander leaves and turn off the flame. Enjoy the hot tomato maggi.

If you dislike the skin of tomato then peel them off in advance by putting tomato in boiling water for few seconds then peel the skin and cut them.


5 Sweet Corn Maggi

Ingredients: Maggi, 1 & half cup of water, sweet corn kernels, butter, black pepper.

Method: Cook maggi with corn kernels. Once maggi is done add some butter and black pepper. Transfer it to serving plate and enjoy hot corn maggi.


6 Masala Paneer/Cottage Cheese Maggi

Ingredients: Maggi, 1 & half cup of water, 1 tomato, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, 1 inch ginger, 20 gm paneer/cottage cheese, 1 tablespoon oil, salt to taste.

Method: First step is to make a pure from tomato, onion, ginger and garlic and set aside. Now cut paneer in small cubes and toast them in hot pan with few drops of oil and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan to cook the pure we have made with tomato, onion and ginger, garlic; and also start preparing maggi on the other side of your cook top. Once the puree turns dark redish and golden, add paneer to it and meanwhile maggi would be also ready to be added to this paneer masala. Serve this masala paneer maggi hot.


7 Cheesy Maggi

Ingredients: Maggi, 1 & half cup water, 1 cheese slice or 1 cube of processed cheese, black pepper for seasoning.

Method: Cook maggi the usual way and transfer to a serving plate and cover with cheese slice. If you are using cheese cube then grate the cheese cube over the hot maggi. This cheesy variant of maggi is almost everyone’s favourite, because it’s easy and even very tasty.


8 Maggi with Salad

Ingredients: Maggi, 1 & half cup of water, tomato, onion, cucumber, green chillies, lemon juice, salt to taste.

Method: Finley chop tomato, onion, cucumber and green chilli, mix them altogether and add lemon juice and season with salt. Now prepare maggi the usual way and transfer it to a serving dish and top it with the salad. This one is very refreshing variant of maggi, you may also add some fresh mint leaves to make it even more heavenly.

Don’t forget to share which ones you have tried and which one of these tempts you to try in the comment section.

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