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Why is Bali Coffee ( Luwak Coffee ) so Famous?

Bali is Famouse for its Luwak Coffee

Why is Bali Coffee (  Luwak Coffee ) so Famous?
Image Source - By HaztechGuy at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Luwak Coffee is a special type of coffee that is available only in Bali, Indonesia and not anywhere in the world. Balinese people believe in strong culture and this Luwak coffee production and processing can be considered as a part of their strong culture, as its all handmade and processed without any machine, even in today's world when we are surrounded by machines. Coffee beans are collected manually by farmers and then processed.

Why is Bali Coffee so Famous? What is Luwak Coffee? How it's Processed?

Bali is One of the popular Indonesian Island, famous for Tourist attractions. The island is surrounded by Active Volcanos, which increases the interest of many travel lovers across the globe to visit Bali. Bali is rich in culture and heritage, one of the famous cultural heritage in Bali is their Coffee, a Special Variety they produce, called Luwak Coffee.

Why is Bali famous for Coffee Plantation? Accumulated volcanic mud from Kintamani in Bali made Bali soil rich for coffee plantation, however, there is a difference in the coffee processing method with rest of world. Bali follows Traditional Wet Processing to process their coffee, whereas, the rest of Indonesian Island follow Dry Processing. Wet processing is followed by removing the fruit covering the coffee beans while it is wet, unlike dry processing where the entire fruit is dried and processed. This basic processing method creates a great difference in taste between both varieties of coffee.

Luwak Coffee - Production process of this coffee is totally different from traditional coffee production process in Bali.The fruits are eaten by CIVET, a wild animal that looks like a cat, because of the pulp that is inside of the fruit. Interesting and amazing fact is the coffee beans will not get digested during the digestion process.

The enzymes secreted by stomach takes away the bitterness of these coffee beans, giving it a smooth and mild taste. When the CIVET clear Motion, this coffee beans come out from their body, farmers collect it manually and then it goes for processing. This is the Unique process followed to process Luwak Coffee, that is why the price is expensive. It's approximately 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah or approximate 4 USD for One Cup of Hot Luwak Coffee.

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I never drink coffee but I loved your article


I never drink coffee but I loved your article


Thanks for commenting. This Coffee is the exclusivity in Bali and is really a point of attraction for Tourists.


Nice article, with very interesting facts. This type of coffee is likely to arouse a lot of interest among tourists. It may have a limited market outside though as some people may have their reservations about the process.