Philkraft as an imitation of Happy Call Double-Sided Pressure Pan

It was early 2012 when sales agents visited our office and introduced this Philkraft Double-Sided Pressure Pan. From the name itself, you can cook either having the top or the bottom on fire. Which I couldn't even distinguish which is top or which is bottom. The sales agents had a demo on how to use the Philkraft Pressure Pan. The promotion was so interesting. A non-sticky pan, no oil/butter needed when cooking.

Can be used for any seafood,meat, vegetables, for baking at a time shorter than the usual cooking. Instead of flipping the meat (or whatever is being cooked), flip the pan instead since both sides can be put to fire. It's not teflon,not tepal but triple ceramic coating.  Ceramic elimates the need for use of cooking oil.

I was amazed on how it was promoted and since they promised for a demo, I waited to see if the pan could actually perform what is said. First, they showed us how to bake Pineapple Upside Down Cake. They've finished this in 15 minutes! Second, they showed us chicken meat and promised to have it done in 20 minutes and we were just talking and watching them and didn't notice it was already done. Taste? It was awesome!

While roasting the chicken, the sales agents placed 2 eggs(washed) and said it's okay to boil eggs while cooking dishes. Good thing about the pan, you don't need oil anymore. It's really a multi-purpose pan. Maybe saves time, oil/butter, and gasul. It's pressurely closed, so the heat loss is minimized the very reason why food is cooked at a shorter time that usual. It can also extract oil and water from the raw product being cooked. The first 5 minutes would show evidence of how this pan could remove fatty oils from the meat. In 20 minutes cooking of the Roasted Chicken, the sales agent was able to extract 1 and half cup of oil and water. Imagine that intake if you were not able to remove that. It has magnetic lock, so when you flip the pan you're sure no spilling would happen.

I was having fun watching them. The pan made me think cooking is fun and easy. Haha! They said, aside from the easy cooking, it's also an easy cleaning for a healthier lifestyle. I believed them so much! Yeah! That after tha demo I decided to order (lots of us from the office did!) It was worth 7,000 pesos last year.

Upon researching about Philkraft Double Sided Pressure Pan, I found out that the original product was a Happy Call Brand from Korea. Exactly the same features and looks. But since what I got was Philkraft, I assume it's  perfect immitation by in the Philippines. Well, at least they've immitated it's purposed perfectly. No complains and hassles.

It's a good start for someone just learning how to cook (ahem) Frying egg , frying without oil is still fry? Please excuse me. Haha. Cooking pancakes without sticking, popcorn, easy to tenderize meat and more. I am just happy to share. Happy PhilKraft Double Sided Pan user here ;)

I'd share experimental recipes soon! haha.

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