Do you Eat to Live or Live to Eat ? Find out !

This about Foodies and food Love

There is always been a lot of confusion about this question, so I did a little contemplation to make a point to provide a help to let this question answered: Who really Live to Eat and Eat to Live?

Eat to Live or Live to Eat ? This question is lingering around for a while but there are very few who can actually answer this because one can only answer a question after understanding the meaning of that question. To find an answer for this you must understand a few things well and they are the meaning of Eat to Live, Live to Eat and Love for food. These all set of three words has a lot to say. 

I want to start with analysing the meaning of "Live to Eat". Live to eat does not mean living to eat everything and try every kind of cuisine or food. Live to eat literally means you love what you eat and not afraid of experimenting with taste and flavours. It means the one who thinks none of a flavour is wasted.

Those who live to eat never rush in eating they just dig into explore the taste, explore the flavours. There is a common thing between people who Live to eat find themselves unable to have favourite food, favourite cuisine or favourite flavours, they just love to live all of the flavors and cuisines. This is actually just in brief description of "living to eat". 

Those who Live to Eat also has love for food. Food love is something more than a foodie. Many or I should say most of people misunderstood foodies as food lover. Food love is not just love for eating food, a food lover loves to cook, loves to know food and loves to eat but hate the waste of food. Love for is not just limited to love for eating food. A food lover understand the value of food and understand how delicate each different type of food and flavour is and knows how important each edible ingredient is. A food lover do not hesitate to try raw food ingredients to explore their taste and flavour. The one who love food also respect food. 

There are also plenty of people who Eat to live. These are the once who are the most fussy about their regular eating habits and very hesitant to try out new things. There is a common habit that can irritate any food lover of those who eat to live is they always eat in rush and don't mind where and how they are eating. Many who eat to live lack that sensitivity for flavours that a food lover would have. Those who eat to live are actually careless eaters who do not have much interest for knowing their food, these just fill themselves forget. 

Everyone have their favorite flavours and comfort food but that is completely personal choices apart from  food habits.

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