Dining in Dubai at the Nayab Handi

Nayab Handi Serves Best Grilled Pakistani Food in Dubai

Dining in Dubai at the Nayab Handi
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Dubai is a Gourmets paradise. In case looking for Afghan and Pakistani style cooked meats look no beyond 'Nayab Handi'.

Dubai is the "El Dorado" of the East. We all know that El Dorado is the proverbial city of gold. An imaginary city rooted in dreams. Dubai is precisely that, a city where you can get everything. I will talk about food and having traveled the globe I can say with authority that nothing beats Dubai. 

Dubai is home to thousands of Pakistanis and Indians and they have brought their authentic cuisine to this city. I will recommend one restaurant where I have eaten many times for good authentic Pakistani food. But there is a rider: you must be fond of meats and no inhibitions, only then you can relish the spread. 

The restaurant I am talking about is "Nayan Handi". It is located at Al Ghazab Road close to AL Ghazab Mall.

 A nearby landmark is the Iranian Hospital. One can easily reach it by taxi or the Dubai Metro. 

The restaurant opened three years back and has a branch in Islamabad. It is famous for its meat dishes and has a magnificent spread of beef, mutton, lamb and chicken. Almost 25 meat dishes in both grill and handi including curry are on the menu. I love grilled mutton and beef and I don't look beyond this eatery. It also serves Biryanis and a trademark naan (North west bread) served mounted on a massive vertical grill. Nothing like this, anywhere else and all diners will break pieces from this naan and eat. 

The menu includes beef Taka Tak, beef roast, beef handi and assorted chicken and lamb. The beef boneless briyani is a treat and the taste lingers for a long time.  As I said this is a place for a meat lover, who has no inhibitions. 

The dessert spread is authentic with dishes from Pakistan. A dozen types of kheer, rabdi and gulab jamun are on the menu. It's an unforgettable feast. It was a delight to see so many Indians dining away to glory here. Yes, that included Tamils as well. A Tamil girl told me she had never eaten such tasty beef and mutton in her life. 

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